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YouTubers! Here’s How To Get Paid On Time

If you’re a full time Youtuber or you’re thinking about making the transition to one, getting paid on time for work you’ve done on behalf of clients is essential. Late payments are a common problem many YouTubers face and not all brands and agencies are prompt with their payment.

Money is a topic that has the capacity to make us feel awkward whenever it’s brought up, however it’s a feeling you’ll have to overcome if you want to turn your channel into a career. If you’ve often struggled to get paid on time, or you’re not quite sure what the etiquette for chasing late payments is, here are some tips to help you get round what can be tricky situation.

Find Out Their Invoicing Procedure Beforehand

If you’re working with an agency or client for the first time, finding out how they pay invoices before you start, goes a long way to setting expectations. Before you get started, take the opportunity to ask outright who you need to send your invoice to once the work is complete, who should you contact if there are any problems and how long after the invoice is received can you expect to get paid.

Initiating this conversation allows you to ask questions about how their process for paying people works and also provides you with some assurances that you’re working with a reputable agency or client.

Don’t Be Afraid To Chase

No one likes to be a pain, but when you’re following up about work you’ve already done, you have every right to be firm and persistent without feeling as if you’re inconveniencing your point of contact.

If you’ve not been paid after the standard number of days the agency or client allows after receiving an invoice – normally 30 days – wait a couple of days before sending a gentle reminder letting them know your invoice is overdue. If they don’t respond to your gentle nudge, send another slightly firmer email emphasising the delay, while enquiring if there are any issues. If this fails to get the desired result, move on to the step below.

Pick Up The Phone

*Gasp!* The majority of people would prefer not to revert to such antiquated methods of communication, however giving your client or agency a call is a great way to speed up the process. Ringing your point of contact and asking in a polite manner what the status of your invoice is, will help them prioritise your current and future invoices, as they’ll know you’re someone who is likely to follow up promptly whenever they’re late.

Choose Who You Work With Carefully

If you’ve worked with an agency or client before and you found them difficult to work with, saying no to work can save you a lot a time and hassle in the future. Turning down work might seem crazy, especially when you’re just starting out, but sometimes saying no is the best thing to do. Refusing work from agencies you know are difficult to work with, ensures you don’t find yourself in a situation where you’re bending over backwards to accommodate them or chasing invoices months after a video has been uploaded.

Getting paid promptly as a self employed creative can be tricky at times, as agencies and clients often see ad-hoc creatives as less of a priority. To speed things up, it pays to be firm and persistent with your point of contact and hopefully the tips in this article will help you get paid for work you’ve done in a much quicker fashion.

We hope these useful pointers plant a few actionable seeds into your mind and you begin at once to make sure you focus on getting paid from your hard earned work.


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