Making Money From YouTube

Two Basic Rules For Monetising Your YouTube Channel

When you think about making money from your YouTube channel, what are the thoughts that pop into your mind?

Just take a few minutes and think about that question!

A vast proportion of YouTubers will not even know they can make money from their YouTube channel, let alone how to do so; thus missing major opportunities to cash in on their hard earned work.

Other YouTubers will feel that their content, viewership and overall brand does not have the necessary requirements to bring in the big bucks and will therefore not attempt to make money from their channel.

A smaller proportion of YouTubers will know that they can make money from their YouTube channel, will see many other Youtubers doing so; and they themselves will attempt to do so, but may lack the fundamentals to build upon and create a steady stream of income from their channel to their pockets.

So in today’s blog post we are focusing on what we believe to be the key aspects needed to make money from your YouTube account. This blog post does not offer you the secrets to make thousands of pounds in a few short videos. We want this post to set up the right mindframe for YouTubers to start to see how their YouTube channel can be turned into a reliable source of income, so long as you have media content flowing from your channel.

Here at PrettyGoodLook we believe there are 2 key traits needed  to start making money from your YouTube channel and brand:

  1. Audience
  2. Video Content Marketing

We delve into the foundations in more detail below…


Building an audience is the no# 1 building block to start making money from your YouTube channel!


Because an audience means that people are watching your video content, and essentially commenting and sharing your content; resulting in more people watching your content and more people subscribing to your channel. More subscribers means more eyeballs will tune in to watch your videos. More eyeballs watching your videos means more people will be watching the advertisements running on your videos,It’s simple math!

Then you can start to see a trickle down effect in regards to your YouTube earnings. The obvious goal if you’re reading this post is to then turn this trickle into a running stream.

Create, interact and grow your audience base with awesome, creative and consistent content. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there in the name of fabulous content and strive to create a fanbase.

Creating a fan base is the defining factor in whether you will be a success on YouTube or not! Grasp this truth for all that it is worth and then imprint it onto your mind for it to stay there throughout your YouTube career.

Govern your content creation, marketing, goals, and overall YouTube brand by this truth and it is a foolproof way to YouTube success and ultimately cash. A fan base means, loyalty, free marketing, influence and power, all of these aspects can then be converted into cash when the time is right and with no fuss at all.

Video Content Marketing:

Get your video content in front of eyeballs across the internet and more! Remember eyeballs equal more advertisements being watched and once that starts to happen, cash starts to trickle in.

From this point forth, promise yourself as a budding YouTuber that every time you put out a video you will market it across all of your social media accounts; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and any other personal media outlet that allows you to connect with other people across the internet.

Do not be shy about promoting your video, if you do not speak about your media content then who will!

Your YouTube content is part and parcel of who you are, and sharing, displaying and talking about your hard work wherever possible should not be a shameful, in-fact it should be empowering and you should embrace it.

Once you have the appetite for marketing your YouTube videos, begin at once to engage with your audience and focus your attention on building a loyal fanbase and community. Responding and engaging with your commenters and subscribers, creating video content directly influenced by your subscribers or people who have commented on a previous video. Connecting and building upon your community no matter how big or small it may be will evidently bring more people into that community.

Your viewership and subscriber base is essential to becoming a YouTube partner. Becoming a YouTube partner can unlock huge amounts of potential your YouTube channel and brand currently has, and can expose you to another set of subscribers and revenue models.

Setting off on the journey of monetising your YouTube channel should be an exciting step into the unknown. A simple action you can take right now is to set up your channel to earn money. Click here

If you’re a YouTuber who wants to build upon their current monetisation strategies then you can turn directly to us and start publishing your videos on our platform. Get into the habit of publishing your videos on the PrettyGoodLook platform once we have launched and further expand your reach whilst directly making money from our platform.

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