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How To Sell The Products You Mention In Your YouTube Videos

As a YouTuber, wanting to monetise your videos and having your audience shop your videos is a worthwhile goal.

Therefore it’s a smart move to always think about the products you want to mention within your videos and how they will resonate with your audience. This line of thinking can further be extended to how your presentation of the product and the actual product’s relatability to your audience can result in your viewers purchasing the product.

If you are going to mention ANY product in your videos, make sure it is a product you have used, and you can thoroughly talk about the positive and negative (if there is any) aspects of the product.

Simply just ‘mentioning’ a product is not good enough, especially if you want to compel your audience to actually buy the product and test it out for themselves. You and the products you mention must relate to your audience in some shape or form.

An example could be that during the winter months many people suffer from dry skin, and during this season it is highly important to stay hydrated and for your skin to stay moisturised. As a beauty YouTuber you could highlight this particular reasoning and present a great skincare product that would be relatable to parts of your audience who are susceptible to dry skin during the winter months.

What you have done is this:

  • As a beauty YouTuber you have identified a product that is relatable to the current climate. Therefore creating an interest that could reach beyond your initial subscriber base.
  • Your YouTube brand has increased in authority because you have identified a wider problem and intelligently and beautifully provided a solution to many people’s winter issues.
  • You have created an anticipation for your next video as your subscriber base know that you will provide thoughtful information in your next video. To your audience your next video could once again give them an important golden nugget of information. So they will stay tuned in.

As a Beauty or Fashion YouTuber being conscious about the products you are talking about in your video is an important mindstate to becoming a better media content creator. Whether you are in it for the fame or the money.

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Successful YouTube brands are built on awareness!

Remember that rule and never forget it if you aspire to become a top tier YouTube media creator. You must be alive to the products you are mentioning and promoting, and how that will influence your audience towards your brand and shopping from your videos.

Below we list 5 tips on how to sell the products you mention in your videos:

  1. Talk about the positives: Everybody loves positivity! Bringing that energy, tone of voice and body language to the products you are selling will be a huge plus point to convince your audience to buy the product(s) you mention.
  2. Do your homework: Test the product in multiple ways, giving you an insight into the various ways the product(s) you mention can be used. You will create a deeper attraction to the product and your audience.
  3. Honesty: Honesty is the best policy as they say! We believe wholeheartedly in this saying, as honesty resonates easiest with people, especially when you want them to part with their cash. The 1st person point of view is the best point of view. Use your own words, feelings and phrases when talking about the products you mention. The knock-on effect this will have on your overall brand will be a positive one.
  4. Presentation: Looking good, feeling great and sounding pitch perfect is a sure fire way to get your audience interested in the products you mention. If you look good and that does not mean beautiful or pretty; that simply means well presented, then you establish instant trust with your viewer. This is a perfect foundation to get your audience shopping your videos as they will trust the product because it is coming from you,  who looks really good!
  5. Relate to audience: We mentioned earlier in this post about being relatable, finding an angle as to why the product you are talking about is a great product. Relating to your audience, seeing the bigger picture as to how the product you mention fits into their lifestyle is crucial in getting your audience to shop your videos.

Selling the products you mention does not have to be complicated. As a beauty or fashion YouTuber you have done half of the job already. Getting up in front of a camera and talking about the products you are using is half the battle; the other half is being aware about how you are projecting yourself on screen and how the products you are mentioning come across to your audience base.

Once you can combine both aspects in the way you want, coupled with the message and the tips of this blog posts, you are on the way to creating a winning strategy.


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