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PrettyGoodLook – Online Shopping Done Right!

What Is PrettyGoodLook?

PrettyGoodLook is a concept born out of the necessity to merge beauty and fashion YouTubing with online shopping!

So many times we have sat in front of our screens watching for hours, liking, subbing and commenting on the lush videos we watch, yet not completing the full experience of being able to shop our favourite YouTuber videos instantly. On top of that, you may have come across products that a YouTuber has mentioned within their video that you so dearly want, but what do you do?

You may get a link to the product, the product may be written within the video description; sometimes you have to pause and write the product down or rewind the video to hear it again. It is a subscribers worst nightmare!

We just want to make YouTubing simple. Our concept and soon to be platform removes all of this hassle and within one click you are on the coveted product and within another click your purchasing the product.

Viola, all smiles! That is PrettyGoodLook. That is online shopping done right.

PrettyGoodLook is not a network, agency or any other YouTuber media outlet you currently know.

When PrettyGoodLook launches it will be a online video shopping platform. We focus on turning YouTube videos into shopping pages, that means the same way you shop for your favourite brands with their beautiful websites and shopping pages; ASOS being a brilliant example, PrettyGoodLook will be offering your YouTube videos a similar look feel and experience you get on ASOS or any other branded shopping website you currently use.

Get your videos in front of multiple audiences you never knew existed and have them shopping, browsing and sharing your videos from PrettyGoodLook.

Super Awesome!

We know, PrettyGoodLook sounds amazing, it will be better than you expect in the long term.

Monetise Your YouTube Content

Here at PrettyGoodLook we are focused on Youtubers monetising their YouTube content and actually making money from their videos.

The creativity, the editing and all round hard work you put into your YouTube content, showing off new makeup techniques, or enlightening your subscribers to new innovative products should be rewarded with money in your pocket!

We acknowledge that it is not all about the money however it is a great bonus!

So in knowing that, we decided to build a dedicated platform whereby YouTubers can submit their videos (GRWMs, Lookbooks, Hauls, and much more), list the products mentioned and we will distribute and publish the video on our platform, giving the opportunity for multiple audiences to shop your videos.

On top of that we will help to promote your videos across our social network!  Shouting from our online rooftops that your video is up on our platform and ready to be watched in awe and shopped like a black Friday sale.

Once a sale(s) has been made from your video, you will be eligible to pick up a percentage commission of your sale(s) from PrettyGoodLook after a certain time period *60 days*.

We are dedicated to YouTubers making money from their content and we are focusing on building multiple avenues as to how YouTubers can make money on PrettyGoodLook. So when we say monetise your content with PrettyGoodLook, we really do mean it.

Platform Simplicity

As mentioned before we are not a network or agency, we do not require you to sign away your YouTube brand and career and forever be chained to one avenue. Use our platform as you please, have fun with us, more importantly make money with us.

Our platform is very straightforward, no hidden agendas, no scrupulous terms and conditions, just simply submit your videos, sit back and once it’s published you can now promote and direct your social media network and subscribers to your page for them to shop your products whilst watching your video.

Online Shopping Done Right!


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