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How To Create Short Beauty & Fashion YouTube Videos

Don’t you just love a short well versed YouTube video! Straight to the point, under 5 minutes, entertaining and informative in the process?

The 8-12min standard video length is a successful consistent video format that enables YouTubers to properly get their message across with fancy editing, product displays and a little chit chat. However watching your favourite YouTubers release a quick spring lookbook with no talking, awesome music and fabulous outfit changes can be just as exciting and effective as the standard Youtube format.

YouTubers should try to mix up the length of their videos to add a nice dynamic to their overall YouTube content, and today we highlight a quick, straightforward plan to create short YouTube videos.

Perfect Short YouTube Fashion Video Example: @PrettySickly


Choose a video topic that can easily be compressed into a 3 or 4 minute segment. You may take ages to film the video, however prior to filming the video you should already see how this video can be stripped down into its shortened segment yet still deliver style and substance.

It does not make much sense to shorten a ‘beauty review’ video, when people tune into that specific episode to listen to what you have to say about said product(s). So take sometime to think through your pre-production process.

Pick a catchy title that will peak the first interest of your audience and will serve to help your video hook and introduction.

Video Hook –  Is an action you could do at the start of your video to entice viewers to watch more of  your YouTube episode. It would then become your signature move for all your videos therefore helping to shape your YouTube brand. Short YouTube video formats can benefit greatly from a well designed hook!

Introduction – Briefly explain your video concept/topic in a clear and concise way. Your introduction could be done in a voice over format, text, in-person or using your YouTube video description section. Your introduction should follow suit with your title and video hook, for perfect video consistency. Film Time – 1 min

Core Message – Explain or display the complete essence of your video! This is the main goal of your video and your core message should fulfill this goal. This is the reason your audience is watching.

What do you want your audience to remember most about your video?

Make them care about your video by communicating what makes this particular video so unique. The core message or main body of your video will take up the most amount of video time.  Film Time – 2 min 30secs

Finale – End your video engaging with your audience, leading them onto other aspects of your YouTube channel or social media. Use open-ended questions to engage with your audience’s minds – posing questions that you may have the answer to in a next video could be a fantastic way to keep your audience interested in your content. Film Time – 1min 30secs

Short Beauty Video From @DramaticMac

Ultimately the short video format is a continuation type video for your YouTube brand. By this we mean, it adds to your overall video output and YouTube content, plus it continues to offer your audience base another aspect to your YouTube channel.

More Tips

  • Identify Your Goal – Your video should excite you and your concept should make you feel that your audience will love it. If you are not excited about shooting your video, that will surely be conveyed through your video.
  • Discipline – The key with creating good short YouTube videos is discipline! By this we mean the ability to cut out the stuff you do not need to say; Leaving you to focus on the core message and the point you are trying to deliver. Learn to say no if it is not 100% important to your message.
  • Get Creative – The short video format allows you to get creative with the way you shoot and edit your videos and this increases the chances of your video going viral within the YouTube community.
  • Practice – Understanding what type of video you are going to shoot is very important. Practice your concept, script it, read it out and make sure it flows. Practicing your video before filming and thinking about how you’ll edit it before you get started will help you create a tight and very focused video.
  • Concept Options – Once you’ve settled on a concept, be bold and spend the time creating 3 different stories for that particular concept in a short video format. If you film and edit one variation and it does not look or sound like the way you want it to, you have another two options you can fall back on, which ensures you won’t feel down about not getting it right the first time.
  • Brand Formalise this format to a specific type of video you produce, that could be: footwear lookbooks, day to-night outfits, simple OOTD’s and various other types of videos that work well in short form.


Last Tip – Enjoy It!


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