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The Full TimeYouTuber Dream!

Beauty and Fashion YouTubers often dream about that one faithful day when they become a full-time YouTuber, they tweet, blog and talk about it amongst their close friends and family along with other fellow YouTubers who are in a similar spot to them.

What is a full-time YouTuber?

Well it is a YouTuber who has made a career and living from their YouTube media content. Some YouTubers make a nice monthly wage they would make at a ‘regular’ full time job. Others go on to make football player salaries, often branching out of YouTube and into makeup brands/products, books, clothing and many more innovative ventures.

What often happens with these full-time YouTubing dreamers is that they take their eye of the ball in regards to their YouTube channel and end up paying the price with a slow or stagnating YouTube brand. Never making the step into the full time department nor do they look like they ever will

Yet they have the enthusiasm, drive and most important of all the desire to match and rival the big names in the industry.

So how comes the majority of YouTubers fall way short of reaching their intended full-time goal?

There are many reasons why YouTubers do not make the transition into full time YouTube content creation. Many of those reasons will be personal (work, lifestyle, scheduling and the sorts).  Some will be a choice, not wanting to move from a hobby project to a commercially viable brand and other reasons will fall into the category of unknown or miscellaneous.

Put aside reasons of that nature for a few minutes and take a look from where PrettyGoodLook stands. From our point of view the majority fail to make the transition simply because they have the very strong case of COPYCAT SYNDROME.

They watch and read about the likes of Zoella , Samantha Maria, Tanya Burr, Fleur De Force, and many more high profile based YouTubers and want to be just like them, if not bigger. They want the influential power, social media following and more importantly the money that comes with such big YouTube personalities and brands.

Often these dreams, just remain as such…dreams! Nice fluffy, sweet tasting dreams. Why?

Because most of the time these ‘YouTubers’ are spending hours, days, weeks and months dreaming, and positively envying these high profile YouTubers.

This leads to costly failures in two specific areas:

  1. Lack Of Focus: Spending too much time on the Zoella’s of the Beauty/Fashion YouTube world and forgetting that they too started from humble beginnings; however the Zoella’s of this world had to put the work into their brand and build it from the ground up. These YouTubers can only see their success now, when they are garnering one million views from their videos after a few days. These kind of numbers simply put off YouTubers from believing that they too can reach such heights only if they put the same effort and time they do into dreaming, into their ACTUAL YouTube brand.
  2. Lack of Identity: Beauty/Fashion YouTubers then go on to confuse inspiration with imitation! All of those hours watching the big household names like the Tanya Burrs has brought about the case of copycat syndrome. They want to tweet like them, sound like them, look like them and their YouTube brand simply becomes another wannabe Zoella lost in translation. You should be inspired by your favourite YouTubers, you should want to emulate their success but you MUST build your own pathway to get there. Spending too much of your time in their world can leave you lacking for creativity to create your own.

The intention of this blog post is not to sound harsh or critical about smaller YouTubers because in truth we love the small YouTuber and what they offer, but here at PrettyGoodLook we acknowledge the vast amounts of potential the small YouTubers have and we are dedicated to helping them achieve their potential. One sure fire way of getting on the road to doing so, is acknowledging the sobering truth of this blog post and then wake up and do something about it.

Have you noticed that all the mainstream YouTubers who go on to have huge successes with their YouTube brand and career are all different and unique to each other?

The only thing that may be in common with each other is, their viewership, income and brand success.

Why do you think that is the case?

Take a minute to think about it!


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