Motivating Yourself To Film – Even When You Don’t Want To


If you’re struggling to motivate yourself to film because you’re finding it tough to balance work, uni and other commitments, you’re not alone. Lot’s of YouTubers go through periods like this and it’s normal, especially when the rigours of life start to take their toll. If you find yourself routinely going through periods where you lack motivation, […]

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Develop Your YouTube Beauty Content

YouTube Beauty Content

Becoming a unique, fresh and engaging Beauty YouTuber should be your no#1 goal as a creator. Developing your YouTube beauty content will push you towards that goal and this technique should be embedded into your YouTube content creation plan. This blog post discusses two tactics all beauty YouTuber’s can use to help them develop original […]

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Creating a YouTube Release Schedule

YouTube Release Schedule

Consistency is gold! Reasons for creating a YouTube release schedule; If you want to strengthen your channel and learn more about yourself as a YouTuber, then create and stick to a release schedule. If you’re serious about taking your YouTube Channel to the next level, increasing engagement and your social media presence then create and […]

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How Are You Going To Hook Your Viewers?

Hook Your YouTube Audience

Now what do we mean by ‘Hook’? Simply, a ‘Hook’ is an action you could do at the start of your video to entice viewers to watch more of  your beauty episode. Furthermore it could be: A branded phrase or word you consistently use at the beginning or ending of all your videos. A badge, […]

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How To Show Your Personality When You Talk About Makeup

YouTube Personalities

The juggling act of showing off your personality whilst talking about makeup must be one of the hardest jobs as a beauty YouTuber. This blog topic came about from an interaction we had with beauty YouTuber @KrisEvilCupcake, and her reaction hit home and prompted us to try offer some insight into maintaining a balance between […]

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