6 Tips For Originality As A Beauty YouTuber


This is a follow up post to the initial ‘Originality As A Beauty Youtuber’ article whereby we set the foundation to create original content for your channel. Today we offer 6 conclusive tips on to how to create original content for your YouTube beauty channel. Creating original content is the difference between a flourishing subscriber base […]

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Creating The Perfect Filming Setup

Filming Setup

One topic we always see a lot of questions on is filming equipment. With there being so many types of cameras, lenses and lighting options available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when thinking about your filming setup. If you’ve just started your channel, it’s also natural to admire the setups of the more established channels, […]

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19 Questions That WIll Shape Your YouTube Channel


Turning your YouTube channel into a brand, requires detailed planning and lot’s of thought. The videos you currently produce define your channel, so think carefully about whether they paint the picture of the YouTuber you’d ideally like to be. Turning rough ideas into refined concepts that fit your brand, can often be a long and […]

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Using Social Media To Grow Your Channel


Creating a successful YouTube channel doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll need to consistently put out good quality videos, engage with your subscribers and spend time getting your content in front of your target audience. The main method of getting your content out there is through social media and we see a big difference between how social […]

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Originality As A Beauty YouTuber


Creating original content as a Beauty YouTuber is the difference between a growing successful YouTube brand and a channel that achieves minimal growth! You may feel that creating original beauty content is impossible, that everything is already done and you cannot make your mark on the beauty YouTube community, we can safely tell you that […]

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