YouTubers! Here’s How To Get Paid On Time

How to get paid on time as a YouTuber

If you’re a full time vlogger or you’re thinking about making the transition to one, getting paid on time for work you’ve done on behalf of clients is essential. Late payments are a common problem many YouTubers face and not all brands and agencies are prompt with their payment. Money is a topic that has the capacity to […]

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How To Create Short YouTube Videos

Short YouTube Videos

Don’t you just love a short well versed YouTube video! Straight to the point, under 5 minutes, entertaining and informative in the process. The 8-12min standard video length is a successful consistent video format that enables YouTubers to properly get their message across with fancy editing, product displays and a little chit chat. However watching […]

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Find A Filming Partner

YouTube Filming Partner

Managing a growing YouTube channel is no easy feat. You’ll spend lot’s of time planning and prepping for shoots,  hours responding to comments and engaging with your followers and of course the eternity spent editing videos! All in all it can get stressful, especially when you have to balance a job, studying or other commitments. To run […]

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Motivating Yourself To Film – Even When You Don’t Want To

Youtube Motivation

If you’re struggling to motivate yourself to film because you’re finding it tough to balance work, uni and other commitments, you’re not alone. Lot’s of YouTubers go through periods like this and it’s normal, especially when the rigours of life start to take their toll. If you find yourself routinely going through periods where you lack motivation, […]

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Develop Your YouTube Beauty Content

YouTube Beauty Content

Becoming a unique, fresh and engaging Beauty YouTuber should be your no#1 goal as a creator. Developing your YouTube beauty content will push you towards that goal and this technique should be embedded into your YouTube content creation plan. This blog post discusses two tactics all beauty YouTuber’s can use to help them develop original […]

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